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Friday, July 30, 2010

Return to the Shore Part 1

When you get off the plane in Philly in July, you walk off and almost immediately break into a flop sweat. Nothing better than having 95 degree heat with the humidity being over 85%!!

But when you are bringing your 12 year old son out for yet another trip to 'Da Shore', it really doesn't matter! Ever since Austin turned 5, I have been bringing him out to the Shore twice a year, once in July and once for Thanksgiving. As much as I do love Colorado, (well, let's just say LOVE Western Colorado, the Front Range is ok, but getting was too crowded!), I want Austin to know where his old man grew up and what helped shape me.

My sister and mom picked us up at the airport and we drove down to the shore.

Now my mom moved 'off-shore' about 5-6 years ago, but still lives within 15 minutes of the beach, but I do miss the house I grew up in, which was only 5 houses off the beach in Margate.

We got down in about an hour and after travelling most of the day, we were hungry and as much as I prefer to try and eat 'local' as much as possible, Mom wanted to stop at a the Berkshire Grill, which is located in Egg Harbor Township. Now I googled this and really did not find any others, so it may be a local, but I got a feeling that it may be a small chain, whatever!

Austin was really hungry and as he is truly my boy, he is stating to get a little curious about other foods and not his usual chicken nuggets and pizza.

I started him off with sharing an order of 'Pot Stickers', which he initially grimaced at, but after trying one, wanted more and more. Yeah, he be my boy!

I was just in a steak mood and ordered the Steak Au Poivre, which was above average, but when Austin saw the Fajitas, he was in heaven and yeah, even though it was an adult entree, he cleaned the plates!!

Coming next... The Wildwood Boardwalk, Kohr Brothers Frozen Custard, Dino's Subs and The Irish Pub!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yes, we survived!

No, we did not go into protective hiding!! But to say that we have been busy this month is a grand understatement! Took my son, Austin, out to NJ for a week (will be posting some blogs about that adventure with pics in a few days), did a bunch of catering, 2 events at the Fairgrounds (over 3,000 ppl for each event), launched out new website (check it out!) and have three more catering events coming up this and next week. All of this on top of our cheesecakes!

Yeah, we be busy!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

TV Cooking Segments

I do a cooking segment on a local TV Station, KREX on their News at Noon show, about twice a month. While a lot of the other cooks and chefs who come on, do these fancy recipes, many of which take a lot of prep and a lot of cooking, I try to do things that people can actually do at home and not take a lot of time. Here are two of them. The recipes are posted on the KREX website, Seen at Noon, scroll down and you can see these and more!