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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Richmond eats...

I do love finding new places to eat when I am on the road and as I spend a lot of time in Richmond, VA with our expansion of Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes and with such, drive all around the RVA.

Yesterday, I was headed down to a restaurant supply store and made a wrong turn and I saw a place that I had seen before but never stopped. I knew I had a little time and saw that the place was packed, so what the hey...

En Su Boca may not look like much from the outside, but definitely do not let that fool you!

I walked in and asked for a menu and knew almost immediately that I might like this place; a definate South of the Border feel and when I saw that their style was 'San Francisco Mission District', I had high hopes, having lived in SF and Northern California for over 20 years.

Everything on the menu had that SF-Mission Style aire about it and yes friends, they have Tacos and we all know how I love me my tacos!

I settled on the Slow Roasted Carintas Taco ($3.00, 4 for $11), which is a Citrus Pork Shoulder with arbol salsa, taqueria onions and cilantro. Almost went with the Carne Asada or the House-made Chorizo, maybe the Marinated Grilled Chicken, but I love a good carnitas. Came with an appropriate lime wedge and yeah, tasty!!

Full Bar too with many, many tequilas, but it was way too early for that.

You can download the menu from their website so if you are around Boulevard and Broad Street in Richmond... definitely stop by!

Peter Chang Update 

I had been to Peter Changs in RIchmond a few times and while I loved the food, I was always wondering where the 'heat' was.

Found it!   Try the Chicken with Ghost Chiles!!

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