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Monday, June 14, 2010

Almost a Teenage Foodie!

This past Sunday, June 13th, my son Austin turned 12! Only one more year until he is actually a teenager, yipes! I drove across the state, from our little town of Palisade, out to the northeastern plain of Colorado to a little town called Sterling to spoil, err, help him celebrate his birthday. It took about 7 hours to get there from here, which normally is not that big a thing, but when you run into snow when you are dancing across the divide, in JUNE!, you gotta love Colorado!

Picked up Austin at his mom's place Saturday afternoon and proceeded to do the Dad-thing, in other words spoil him and get him a ton of stuff for this birthday!

Of course, food came into this!

Started off with just some tacos for lunch and then a non-descript pizza from a local place which I will not even give a bad plug to, but for Sunday breakfast, we found a little spot, The J&L Cafe in Sterling, which is everything a small, local cafe should be. I have been finding myself increasingly drawn to these kind of places recently, as while I am not tired of people and places trying to 'push the boundries', I kinda like real people cooking real homey food and the J&L is a great example of such! You will not find any Michelin Stars awarded here, just good home-style food, cooked and served by local people for local people!

Looking at the menus, you find such local favorites as 10 different omelettes, Biscuits & Gravy (always one of my favorites when I am on the road) steak and eggs, burgers (including one called the Hay Stack, with a 1/3rd lb burger, topped with hashbrowns, brown gravy and diced onions, which I gotta try next time in town!), a German Sausage Sandwich, chicken fried steak and the rest of what you come to expect and a local cafe!

For breakfast, my lil boy (pushing 5'8" at 12 years old!) ordered the French Toast with a side of Hash Browns, which he promptly covered in ketchup, oh those kids! He devoured every bite and looked like he could have handled another order!

I stayed with one of my road favorites, Biscuits and Gravy with a side of Bacon, you know, the vegetarian approach! The biscuits were obviously made fresh that morning, with a heavy-handed serving of some really tasty sausage gravy, almost overflowing the plate. Perfectly spiced, not the kind where they try to over-spice to make up for a lack of other flavors, with a huge glass of OJ and side of bacon.

Breakfast with your boy at a great local cafe, doesn't get much better than that!

Open from 5:30 am - 8 pm on North 3rd Street in Sterling, stop by next time you are motoring up I-76 in Northeast Colorado!

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