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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rope The Rockies

Every summer, we cook for an event, Rope The Rockies, held out at the Mesa County Fairgrounds and one that has become a little special to us!

Grand Junction is a stop on the United States Team Roping Circuit, which also has other events in Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma and other states. This event (and others) is run by Rope The Rockies Productions (Cindy & Jeff Smith and Mary & Ike Cox).

This is the fourth year we have had the privilege to cook for these folks, nothing special, but Hot Dogs, Brats, Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers and this year, Chicken Kabobs and Corn Cobettes. Now we have cooked for many other groups, parties and events, some high-brow, some not, but this has got to be one the best crowds that we cook for! Everybody is friendly and appreciative and we do try to go that extra mile for them.

While this years attendance is down (go figure with this economy), we have no doubt that will change next year, back up to previous levels!

Next year, if you are in the area or any of the other events that these folks do, stop in, bring the family and have a good time watching some of the best riders you will see!

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