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Monday, May 31, 2010

Johnny 'Cheesecake'Seed

One of the best feelings that one can get is to do something, best if it is unexpected, that brings a smile to someone's face!

When I go on the road (and even sometimes here locally), I usually have some samples of our 'Cheesecakes in a Jar' with me, go figure!

Now, I get hit all the time by people going....'Dude... got any cheesecakes?" Yeah, that never gets tiring...

But when you surprise someone, especially one who is not expecting it, with a cheesecake, the smile alone is worth the trip!

This last road trip was no exception. When I left Palisade, I made sure that I had a few of our cheesecakes; The German Chocolate, our #1 since we started, our Tiramisu, our #2 seller and one of our new flavors, our Chocolate Chai, in a cooler in the back of my truck.

So, when Johnny 'Cheesecake'Seed hit the road, he was prepared to bring smiles on some unexpecting strangers faces!

In Rangely, when I stopped for a burger, the lady who took my order saw the Decadence logo on my shirt and said, 'Oh, I love Cheesecakes!". I did not say anything other than that I run Decadence, down in GJ.

After my meal, and of course, left a nice tip, I went out to my truck, popped the back door open and grabbed one of the jars. Walking back inside, I found her and said... 'Here... Try this!' and then left. I looked back and she had the cheesecake in her hand and she was smiling!!

The next day, I was driving back from Rock Springs & Green River, Wyoming and I knew that I had to find a Visitor Center for Flaming Gorge (hey, I need a refridgerator magnet and it is never too early to shop for Christmas presents. As it was before the season, a lot of the places were still closed, but at the dam, I found one that was open. After my purchases, the girl behind the counter, once again, saw the logo on my shirt and asked what Decadence was, so I explained what we do and she goes.."In a Jar? I never heard of that!"... I looked at her and said... 'Give me a sec!" After going back to my truck, again, I brought in a few of these and said..."here, try these!".

Again, smiles.

To paraphrase a line from a great movie with Kevin Spacey... "The smiles was worth the trip!"

So goes the adventures of Johnny 'Cheesecake'Seed!

Who knows... we may be stopping by!

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