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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Road Food

One of the main reasons I like driving across country rather than flying is the food you can find when you are not at 30,000 ft!

I am headed back to Virginia for the kick-off of the Wine Festival season with our cheesecakes and with the exception of driving over Vail Pass and The Eisenhower Tunnel is some not-nice weather (and we will not talk about Mountain Cowboy's who think that having an all-wheel drive SUV means that the roads will be nicer to them... you know them, you see them having slidden off the road, after passing you, no, we will hold onto that for a whole separate post!), and the wind in eastern Colorado and Western Kansas, it has been a good drive, time for decompression before starting up out east.

Pulled over for the night in Columbia, MO and when I asked the front desk person where some good food was. he told me that if I drive down the road in front of the hotel, I would find some Taco Bells and such.  Yeah.... right...

So, went out and turned here, turned there and as I was about to pull into a small Mexican restaurant to get some tacos, and you all know how much I love me my tacos.. I saw a little shack, Rotten Tooten B-B-Que, with a smoker next to it, in the parking lot of what looks like it used to be a gas station. I still as going to just flip a u-turn to get me my tacos, when I saw on the hand-written sign hanging outside... Burnt Ends!!


Pulled up to the place, ordered a Burnt-End Sandwich (with no bun, we are watching our carbs!), talked to the lady there who was also working the smoker, (going to bring her some cheesecakes on my drive back) and got me my burnt ends!!

After getting back to my room, I totally devoured them and sitting back, realized why I love the road!

Rooten Tooten B-B-Que....
Loop 70 Plaza / 1205 North Garth
Columbia, MO 65203
573 214-2003

Next stop.. Taco Punk in Louisville!

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